Tony Mobley

I was born in 1957, and my Dad always took us to church. At 15, my Uncle Danny Labbe gave me one guitar lesson on an acoustic guitar. At 16, I got saved at Corinth Baptist Church with Bro. Darnell Teal preaching. At 17, we started a high school group, The Young Rebellairs, where I got a bass guitar, and have been learning ever since. I’ve been in 14 different bands, all kinds of music, including The Deep South Boys from Cartersville, GA and Touching Home from Dahlonega, GA.

I was playing bass for Southern Dogwood at M&M Music Barn when I first met The Servers. Kelly asked me to play bass for his group since their bass player was unable to be there that day. After that day, he called me multiple times to fill in until I became a member of The Servers in 1998. After a few years, I tried the stand-up bass for the first time and well…

I left the group in 2010, and after several years, they called me to fill in again, and I’m still here.

I thank God for the talent He gave me, for all the opportunities, and for the group of guys I’m playing with now. I hope that our ministry will bring someone closer to God. I give Him ALL the glory!