Dewayne “Tiny” Morris

Hi, Yall. I’m Tiny Morris and I was raised in Pea Ridge Alabama a small community about 30 miles south of Birmingham, starting some 60 years ago.

I married Linda Goodwin in 1967 and we have two children, one boy and one girl and they each have a boy and a girl. I was saved in 1966 and I now attend Hillcrest Baptist Church in Acworth Georgia.

I suppose you wonder where I got the name “Tiny”, well it was on my 3rd shift at work with the Cobb County Fire Dept. and it must have fit because it stuck.

I began banjo lessons in January 1975 from Bill Blaylock at North Georgia Music which I continued for 3 months. My passion is playing and singing Bluegrass Gospel and I was blessed to be asked by the Servers to play with them in 2000. I’ve had a wonderful time and met so many great people. Thanks for the memories so far.

Finally, I would like to thank my mother, who played piano by ear at the little country church where I grew up, for her love and her prayerful support. She was truly a prayer warrior for the faith. And for my dad for his strong christian example and his simple wisdom. Dad played guitar and they sang the old gospel songs of which their favorite was “Jesus Forgives And Forgets”. They went to be with the lord in the early 90’s.

And I thank you Jesus for your saving grace.