Brandon Fennell

I was born in the middle of March 1982 to Linda and Tony Fennell. I grew up in a little community called Yorkville which is in between Dallas and Rockmart, GA. Music has always been a big part of my life. I started at an early age playing drums for a southern gospel group that my parents played for. My mom played piano and my dad played the bass. My dad taught me a few notes and I was off. I spent a lot of time on the piano bench next to my mom trying my best to play for our church.

In 2000, I started playing the upright bass with the Jordan River Band. They took a chance on me even though I had never even touched an upright bass before much less played one. Through a lot of practice and a lot of encouragement they helped me learn how to be a bluegrass bass player. Since then I have played with a lot of groups but I enjoy playing bluegrass gospel music the most.

In the fall of 2012, I was asked to join The Servers. I played the bass for four years until Tiny, our banjo player, was diagnosed with cancer. Tiny spent a lot of time teaching me as much as he could about being a banjo picker until he wasn’t able to travel anymore. I have my good and bad days picking but one thing Tiny taught me was to never give up, just keep the banjo in my hands more.

I thank God for allowing me to carry the message of Jesus Christ in song, the talent he gave me, and for putting me with a great group of guys to play with. I’m thankful┬áto have a good Christian home and God-fearing parents but mostly, I want to thank God for that Tuesday night I accepted Christ as my savior. I can’t tell you the date or even the year but I’m thankful that I can still go back to the place it happened.